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As a manager there are many things that others expect from you like guidance, motivational skills, cleverness, inspiration and of course decision making. Its helpfull to have different Information sources available when you need guidance as well. I would recomend to you therefore not only to stay on my blog and get various insights and thoughts but also some other really interesting Blogs. Thats why i have created the below overview of some Blogs that help you increasing your Management skills.

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Harvard Business review Blog

HBR is a very large and always up to date blog. Mainly Informations are given for the american environment. But since we are a globalized world many especially social and leadership guidance is perfect news for you no matter where you work. This really is one of the Blogs that help you increasing your Management skills.

Penelope Trunk Careers

Penelope Trunk is the founder of four Start ups until now. Her career has had some twists and turns, which she is documenting in her blog. She is appreciating the power of managing yourself through community.

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is some kind of Question and Answer Blog. I like the way it is written its easy to understand, there are some really good advises available on this page and some very good tipps for you and your career. I´m sure you will really enjoy reading that blog. Especially the “random post” option is perfect for just looking arround to find some interesting news.

The Chief happiness officer blog by Alexander Kjerulf

Not only that Alexander has written several books already he is also having a fantastic Blog about leading with happiness and founder of the Woohoo Academy offering several training classes and courses to develop your skill and make you able to lead with happiness.

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