Effective Leadership in Sports

Book Cover of Effective Leadership in Sports

The Importance and Benefits of Leadership in Sports

From coach to a successful sports leader.

Learn the skills necessary to go from mere coaching to becoming a sports leader.

If you want to become an inspirational sports leader and provide leadership in sports, then Effective Leadership in Sports by Tobias Hoffmann is the book for you!

Over the last thirty years, the competitive world that we live in has dramatically changed the sporting environment arena. Originally, many athletes worked 9 to 5 jobs while training and competing in their spare time. That reality has long since ended.

Today, we see athletes making hundreds of millions of dollars per year with their teams, sponsorship deals, endorsements, branding, and much more. It’s a fiercely competitive world with coaches having to have a complete skill set to help manage their players.

Becoming a successful sports leader is the natural evolution of coaching, and learning these sports leadership skills is an integral part of taking your coaching to the next level!

By reading and following the guidelines in Effective Leadership in Sports, you will learn about:

  • How to understand leadership
  • Learning and understanding leadership in sports
  • Sports leadership skills and why they’re so important for sports leaders
  • The effective leadership of sports programs
  • Learning leadership development coaching and skills
  • How to become a better sportsperson
  • Understanding leadership, emotional intelligence in sport, and much more!

Becoming an effective and successful leader in sports has evolved to be so much more than just running training drills and picking plays. You need to be involved, understand, and be aware of every level of managing successful athletes.

If you plan on being a successful sports leader, then you have to read Effective Leadership in Sports by Tobias Hoffmann!

Become a successful sports leader and not just a coach!

Order your copy NOW and start today.

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