Get Rid of the Fear of Missing Information

This generation is struggling with FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out – on activities, opportunities, social circle, information, and whatnot. When it comes to assessing the biggest fear of missing out, the one that has appeared in fear of Missing Information.

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So what exactly the fear of missing information is? When you feel that you do not know enough of what’s happening around to stay included, the fear of missing information catches you. This can be as a manager, as an employee, like a Facebook or Instagram user, and over a conscious student in the classroom or just an insecure person, in general. The ‘want’ to know ‘more’ develops the fear of missing information.

To stay healthy and happy, it is important to get rid of the fear of missing information, no matter what phase of life you are going through. Following are some effective ways to do so:

  • Do not consider everything an emergency

Everything happening around the globe has nothing to do with your life. You do not need to consider everything an ‘emergency’ and feel the need to know about it. A Bollywood actress getting married might be pleasing to look at, but it is not going to impact your life anyway, good or bad.

However, it might impact your mind. The very next minute, you will want to have such a grand marriage and to wear such expensive clothes. On the other hand, a person who does not know about marriage is contended with what life gives.

  • Keep your devices out of reach
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We keep our devices close to us and make sure everyone can reach us whenever needed or if there’s an emergency. That’s how everything happening out there becomes an emergency.

Keeping your devices out of reach for some time can make us focus on our life, and only on our life. When your mind is constantly on every notification appearing in your device’s screen, you are constantly looking out for the information.

Turn your devices into a means of adding value, joy, and peace in your life instead of developing a fear of missing information. The best way to do so is keeping your device out of reach for a short time every day and setting limits to the use. Thus, the lesser you connect to the outer world, the lesser the fear of missing information lingers around.

  • Include new activities in your routine

Most of the people, especially the new generation, are caught up in fear of missing information because they have less to do in their own lives. Going to school, coming back by 2, and lying in bed rest of the day makes your mind wander into the outer world.

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Including new activities in your routine keeps you busy in your own little world. That’s when you have no desire to know what’s happening out there.

Think of what makes you happy and what drives your passion. Sing a song. Paint a picture. Play basketball. Make food. Take a walk in the nearby park. Adding such healthy activities will make you happy and contended. All for yourself and not anyone out there, you might or might not have ever even seen in person!

  • Be more with less

Another way to get rid of the fear of missing information is to be more with less. Knowing that a famous actress is getting married should be enough and all for you. There’s entirely no need to know how many ceremonies took place, what were bride and groom wearing and of which fashion designer, who designed the wedding, who attended the wedding and who didn’t, etc.

When you develop the habit of being more with less by being contented with knowing less, the less feels more.

  • Let go of illusionary happiness

Illusionary happiness is one big reason why we adopt the fear of missing information. When you think that knowing everything makes you happy, you lack mindfulness. You need to let go of illusionary happiness. The illusion is a bubble that pops after a while. When so happens, you look for ways to create that bubble again, and thus, you look for more such information.

On the other hand, if you are contented with what you know, your own little acts in your own little world help you with mindfulness. This gives you permanent happiness and impacts positively on your mind, which stays for a longer time than that of illusionary happiness.

  • Be where you are

A lot of people suffer from being in one place physically and another mentally. When you want to be in two or more than two places or activities at the same, that’s when you have a fear of missing information.

For instance, you might be attending a concert at the weekend. Still, there’s an important business conference taking place at your university and a play on ‘Hamlet’ in a nearby theatre. Now while you are at the concert physically, you are at the conference or in the play mentally. That’s how you are not where you are as you fear missing out on the information.

So it is important to make sure that your mind, your heart, and your body correspond with each other. When they are in one place entirely, you won’t fear missing out on any information at all!

Final Thoughts

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Getting rid of the fear of missing out is important for this generation to stay happy, be contended, and more productive. If you feel yourself to be a victim of such fear, follow the positive ways out like that of mentioned above. It makes your life simpler, easier and happier! and there are lots of software tools available to support you.

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