Leadership the “Laissez-Faire” way not wanted

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Several Managers have recognized that the opinion of their employees is of big value for their business. But they don’t want them to work with unlimited democracy. This was last time reported in a big YouGov questionnaire. More than 4.500 managers with employee responsibility in 9 western economies where asked. The Question was: Which leadership style they would prefer (3 democratic, 2 autocratic and one Laissez-Faire).

In most countries most Leaders selected the democratic leadership style. In UK it was 75 percent in the USA 68 percent in Spain it was 67 percent and in Germany 66 percent. Can you imagine, the least percentage for the democratic leadership style was selected in Denmark with 50%. Denmark is the country where the Laissez-Faire leadership style gets the highest percentage with 30 percent. So as we see Autocratic Leadership is over. But in my opinion still there are Phases in business when a leader has to take decisions, even if his team disagrees. And as long as he takes responsibility for his decision no one will blaim him.

The most preferred leadership style is a “democratic-semi autocratic” style. Where the leader is asking for everyone┬┤s opinion. Finally the leader is taking his own decision, this style has 21 to 45 percent.

I think its also interesting that in most western countries no manager wants to be known as fully autocratic manager. Also no manager wants to be known for being to soft without any own decision.

So where is which Style:

The most autocratic Managers you can find in Canada and in Australia (17 percent in both countries). While the smallest chance to meet an autocratic leader is in the UK with 6 percent. In Germany it is about every seventh leader.

So whatever you prefer, by changing your country, you can even change your bosses. Leadership Styles are different in every country and sometimes you do not expect that particular style.

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