Review about Leaders and there Leadership Style

In the First Blog I was talking about leadership styles, now lets connect those styles with 3 different leaders.

Warren Buffet – He is a truly transformational leader. When he knows that the right person is working on a job he is giving freedom to act and motivating them. His employees are working there tasks without much guidance and they can take their decisions with full freedom. There is a great book available to learn about how and why he is taking decisions that i would really advise everyone to read. Left one is in German right one in english language.

Adolf Hitler – absolutely perfect example for autocratic leaders. He made decisions with ultimate authority and the level below him needed to follow exactly. This Guy was expecting that way of leading on each level down to the single individual on the lowest level. He even from time to time gave instructions into lower levels bypassing the middle levels in between. Adolf Hitler wanted to have control about each and every topic. This was providing quick decision making, but it also excluded the knowledge of mid level leaders with much more experience on their particular topic.

Mark Zuckerberg – is an transactional leader. His decisions and goals come out of debates and challenges that he is discussing a lot with his team. As soon as a Goal is set he is motivating and pushing everyone involved reaching it. He is demanding constant innovation and growth but giving the freedom to act.

As we see there really are those 3 different leadership styles. Every Manager has his own style and each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Its up to every single future leader to choose his own way and also to change it if necessary. I can only suggest to everyone of you that one single style of leadership is not always the best. Different phases and different environments require different versions of yourself. This is another big step in being part of the leadership, sometimes change your style in order to get to your goal. It took Warren Buffet long until he first time had to fire managers from one of his businesses.

A man is running up a stair with a big golden WInners price on the top. Like Leaders that are always willing to move up the stair but in different styles
Its like running from one goal to the next, but each step has a different size and needs its own solution
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