When a leader fails

Sometimes leaders are either not in the right company or position. Sometimes they are just not good leaders. The worst thing you can experience is a bad leader in his seat without anyone recognizing. How to find a bad leader is perfectly described in this Forbes Text. This blog is about When a leader fails and what to do next.

An Situation like this can happen if you have a good mid level manager team, but a bad CEO on top. The company continues to run and no one is seeing that problems are adding up. Can you imagine being in a leadership position and no one telling you what is right or what is wrong.

Any of the Leaders named in the previous Posts would agree that they had there professionals in there leadership team which was providing the ways of there success.

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What would you do?

Or better Question: When a leader fails? What to do? I´m sure you would continue doing your best, coordinating with your team and your colleagues on your level. But who is tracking success and fails now? Its your management level between each other. Humans tend to see there own work more positive than other work. This will lead in most cases to you seeing more things positive than before. Your colleagues and you might in this case even start thinking:

We can do it without the Boss!

BUT!!!! Easily you find out that the grass is not always green. You and your colleagues might disagree on one single point and now the “balance mass” CEO is missing. Especially in small companies or companies with frequently changing challenges this can happen from time to time. Even if a CEO is not doing operational decisions he can be the moderator between departments in tough situations . Its the high challenge for the Top manager in this case to decide for the best possible solution for the company but taking care that all department leaders keep there face and also taking all possible opinions and solutions into consideration.


Therefor in any decision making process there is input from a level above involved. Its very important that you understand: the level above is there to provide ideas and decisions but its not necessarily the level to create solutions. Following chain should be applicable to almost every basic case (and always keep in mind What shall we do When a leader fails?):

  • Shareholder provides targets
  • CEO steers those targets into the correct departments by setting KPI´s
  • Department leaders work on those KPI´s and/or delegate these works to there Team
  • Team provides feedback in form of case studies or solutions from the past
  • Department leader refines this output and provides CEO with a short feedback how to do achieve the Targets
  • CEO controls performance of KPI´s and reports back to shareholder once performed

Yes correct, there shall never be a “NO” in this flow!

At least it shall always by said in a way like: “We can do this but then we have to take care of this and that and might loose this.” There is always a solution for the requests of a Company owner. Unnecessary to say that this does not count for anything that would lead into possible breach of laws 😉

Do you agree?

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